Tracking Your Projects

This article describes the goPost Public Portal (goPost) project workflow statuses. goPost will notify you via email when the project status is updated. 

Below is a list of the project statuses. For some events, action will be required on your part.

Project StatusDescriptionAction/Steps
CREATEDYour project has been saved, but not submitted.Submit your project/document for an Intake completeness check after all documents have been uploaded.
PENDINGYour project and documents have been submitted to Intake.None.
INTAKEYour project is undergoing an Intake completeness check by internal staff.None.
ON HOLDYour project has been placed on hold by Intake staff.Follow the instructions in the email provided. If issues with the submitted documents exist, delete those files in goPost and submit corrected files.
ACCEPTEDYour project has been accepted for electronic plan review. Plan review is in process.None.
DENIEDYour project has been denied by Intake staff.See the email provided.
RESUBMITOne or more plan review documents require changes. Download the reviewed plans from the goPost Deliverables page, make the requested corrections and resubmit those documents as a new VERSION. Then, SUBMIT the project to Intake again.
APPROVEDYour project has been approved or has been completed.Follow the instructions in the email.

Best Practices

Be sure to monitor your Junk/Spam folder for emails sent from goPost that require action on your part!

About the Intake Process

After you have submitted your project application and documents for an Intake completeness checkthe project status will be changed from Created to Pending.

Intake personnel will review the project information and submitted documents to determine whether the project is acceptable. You will receive an email when the Intake staff have accepted your project.

Applications Placed On Hold by Intake Staff

If documents do not meet submittal requirements or if the required project information has not been provided, you will receive an email with instructions on how to proceed. The email will notify you that project has been placed on hold until you respond.

Once you have gathered the required information, login to your goPost account, open the Project and either replace the named documents with the correct documents or provide the missing project information as instructed.

Applications Denied by Intake Staff

In some cases, the Intake staff may decide to deny your project/documents altogether. In this case, the email you receive will provide information regarding this decision.