Creating a New goPost Portlet

When goPost Public Portal (goPost) is first configured, it will include one Main or Master Portal (sometimes referred to as “All Portals”) and a sub-portal or “portlet.” While the Master portal is intended for configuration by internal staff, the portlet is how applicants will access and create project applications in goPost.

This guide will cover how to create additional portlets after the initial goPost configuration is completed.


  • The goPost Master Portal must be completed.

  • goPost must be connected to an existing e-planREVIEW (EPR) environment.

  • User must be a goPost Administrator.

Configure a New Portlet

  1. In the navigation menu, click on Settings.

  2. Then, click on Portal Manager.

  3. A list of all existing portlets, including the main portal (“Master Portal” or “All Portals”), will display to the right. To edit an existing portlet, click on the name from the list.

  4. To create a new portlet, click on the (plus) button at the bottom of the list. A new page loads to the right of the list.

  5. Set the Portal Name at the top of the form.

  6. Set the Portal Key using alphanumeric characters (no special characters). The Portal Key will be used to automatically create the Portal Login URL.

    1. This will be the URL for applicants to reach the login page you are creating.

  7. The Project Type Filter is optional. Setting a Project Type Filter allows you to limit the results of the Project Type drop-down in the project information page for applicants.

    1. To filter the results, the value you set as the Project Type Filter in goPost must also be used as the Abbreviation value for one or more Project Types in the connected EPR portal.

    2. Every Project Type in EPR that uses this abbreviation will show up in the Project Type drop-down.

  8. The Project Number Prefix is optional. Set this value if you would like to have project numbers in this portlet automatically begin with a certain prefix value, such as “JHPW-” for the City of Jackson Hills Public Works department.

  9. The Mailbox to Receive Applicant Emails is optional. Email addresses added here will receive external applicant emails instead of those messages being sent to all Admin staff members.

  10. The Emails automatically Cc’ed to contact form is optional. Email addresses added here will be automatically added to the CC line of any email created by internal staff when using the “Email Contacts“ button on the Project COMMENTS tab.

  11. Turn on Only Admin can change the Project Number if you want to restrict which staff members can update project numbers.

  12. Turn on Only Admin can change the Project Number after the Project was Accepted if you want to restrict which staff members can update project numbers after project status has been set to “Accepted.”

  13. The Portal Hours and Submittal Limits are optional.

    1. If you want to set limits for when or how frequently applicants can submit applications, click the toggle and turn this configuration ‘On.’ It will turn green and move to the right.

    2. If you set a Maximum submission per day, this limits how many times an individual applicant can submit project applications before midnight of that day. Leave this empty (not zero) to allow unlimited number of submittals per applicant.

    3. To set Portal Hours (of availability):

      1. Set the Time Zone.

      2. For each day of the week, set whether submissions are allowed (“Open”) or not allowed (“Close”).

      3. For “Open” days, select either “24 hours” if applicants can submit at any time, or click Edit to set specific hours of operation within 30 minute intervals.

    4. You can also set Holidays where submission is not allowed.

  14. Add Your Website Information and Your Address Information. This information should list your goPost Admin’s contact information and your agency address, though this will not be displayed to the public. It is only for reference.

  15. Upload Your Logo image.

    1. Click Choose File to select a JPEG or PNG image to set as the logo for this portlet. It will display at the bottom of the navigation menu on the lower left.

  16. Upload Your Login Background image.

    1. Click Choose File to select a JPEG or PNG image to set as the login page background image for this portlet.

    2. Use the Background Opacity toggle to turn on a gray overlay layer on top of the image to make it easier to read light-colored text or turn it off to use the image without alteration.

  17. Use the Home Page Content section to add instructions for applicants to see on the login page for this portlet. (Instructions can be different for each portlet created.)

  18. When you have completed the required fields, scroll to the top right and click SAVE.


Once you have saved, you will no longer be able to edit the Portal Name, Portal Key, or URL. Any other information can be updated by reopening the page at any time.

When a new portlet is created in goPost, a matching Service Area value is added in the connected EPR environment automatically. When a project is “accepted” and pushed from goPost over to EPR, the project will reference which portlet it came from using the Service Area value. Because it is used for project tracking, this value should not be deleted in EPR.