Getting Started

goPost Public Portal (goPost) offers project owners, applicants, contractors, engineers, etc. the ability to create and track electronic plan review projects submitted to permitting agencies or construction design firms, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We recommend using an updated version of Chrome.

Feature Overview

This article describes the basic functionality of goPost for Applicants (project owners, contractors, etc.)

Once you have created your user account, you may:

  1. Create and manage multiple plan review projects submitted to the permitting agency/construction company for plan check or design review, peer review etc..

    1. Upload plan review documents and supporting attachments.

  2. To receive email alerts when your plan review projects are updated and when action is required.

  3. To download reviewed plans, reports, etc. 

  4. To Upload revised plans for a new version/resubmittal.

  5. To request assistance from the goPost Intake Staff using the Online help.

  6. Submit project applications to multiple back office agencies assuming goPost has been configured for multi-tenant usage. For example, a 3rd Party Plan review consulting firm may configure goPost to accept plan review applications on behalf of one or more permitting agencies.

    1. In this case, you may use your goPost account to submit plan review projects to any of those agencies. 

The Dashboard

The screenshot below shows a representative 'sample' of a goPost Dashboard. 

Best Practices

Read the INSTRUCTIONS and  DOCUMENT SUBMITTAL RECOMMENDATIONS before preparing your plan review documents for submittal.

The Dashboard is separated into two sections. Pending projects that are 'under review' appear in the top section. Recently accessed projects appear in the lower section.


Submitting your first project is easy!

  1. Follow the Document Submittal Recommendations to prepare your plan review documents (in PDF format).

  2. Select the + button on the bottom of the page and complete the new Project form.

    1. Upload your plan review documents and supporting attachments (any file format).

    2. Submit your project for an Intake Completeness check.

Best Practices

Failure to follow the document submittal recommendations will delay the acceptance of your project.

To determine whether your goPost portal will allow you to create projects for multiple agencies, select the down arrow on the Navigation panel (image below) to see a list of other agencies which this goPost portal has been configured to accept plan review applications. Most typically, this functionality exists for Plan Review consulting/outsourcing firms who contract with permitting agencies.

Choose the agency/portal under which you wish to create your project.